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The Galactic Asteroids Patrol

The game is a modern fast-paced, top down asteroid shooter.
It started as a passion project it was developed in 2011-2012 and was originally published on "Game Spot".
In 2019 I made a small face lift and published it on Steam as well.

The game was developed by me and Amir Abiri.
I was in charge of the art creation, design and implementation, and Amir was responsible for the code.

The game design was a collaboration.

You are welcome to download and play the game

Press & Reviews

Retrospekt team and Michael Towns:

"...a little bit of country mixed with a little bit of Rock ‘n Roll then The Galactic Asteroid Patrol will certainly wet your gaming whistle."

Dad's Gaming Addiction:

"the graphics are stunningly gorgeous.  Everything from the ships to the asteroids are eye candy, through and through."

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