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Galactic Asteroids Patrol Press Kit


PC & Mac
Steam & Itch.io

Amir Abiri

Noam Toledano



Game Description:

The Galactic Asteroids Patrol is a modern fast-paced, asteroid shooting frenzy!

Navigate your spaceship in hectic asteroid fields while blasting dangerous & unique space rocks and shooting down alien flying saucers.

Use your ships special abilities to avoid danger and maneuver with great skill to collect upgrades & ammo.

Play “Space Ball” against your friends.

The Galactic Asteroids Patrol is a nostalgic & exciting re-imaging of the classic style arcade games of blowing things up in outer space. 


  • Multiplayer gameplay:  play with or against your friends online in 4 different multiplayer game types, including "Asteroids Ball"!

  • 4 types of unique ships:  each with different strengths, weaknesses & payloads.

  • 12 weapons and abilities:  where different ships have access to different subsets of weapons & abilities.

  • 5 asteroid types:  not just simple chunks of rocks floating in space. Each posing a different threat.

Press & Reviews

Retrospekt team and Michael Towns:

"...a little bit of country mixed with a little bit of Rock ‘n Roll then The Galactic Asteroid Patrol will certainly wet your gaming whistle."

Dad's Gaming Addiction:

"the graphics are stunningly gorgeous.  Everything from the ships to the asteroids are eye candy, through and through."

Personal Note:

7 years ago we finished working on this lovely game but we never got to publish it properly, back in the day we were on steam greenlight and got approved 2 years after enrolling the green light system, at that time we had already moved on and were tired and almost gave up on the game. 

recently my dream of creating games has reawaken, and I found our game lying around sadly in one of my folders, at that moment I got really excited opened the old unity project and started poking around :) I was reminded how fun it is and decided to re-lunch it. 

The game was made using unity 3.6 and updating it to the the new Unity version is out of my scope and I would rather work on a new game, so support and updates for this game might be very limited, if you like it and would like to support my future endeavors as an indie dev please consider buying a copy, so I can invest that money in a future game. You can follow my new development log at www.noamtoledano.com/blog